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Swanton Morley Parish Councillors

Swanton Morley Parish Council is made up of nine Parish Councillors, who have been democratically elected (or subsequently co-opted) onto the Council to make policy decisions about the way the village is run and about how a proportion of your council tax (known as our precept) is spent.

They are usually elected for a term of four years but can also be co - opted if a vacancy arises mid-term or seats remain unfilled after an election. Councillors are elected to represent the views of the community and to consider the needs of the local environment. They are the first point of contact for anybody in the village with a community issue. 

Councillors must abide by a code of conduct and declare any pecuniary (financial) interest they have in the parish - this information is then held on a register by Breckland District Council.

Your current councillors are listed below.                                NEWS !  We have a vacancy - why not join us?

Roger Atterwill - Chairman  

Special Responsibilities:  Member of Personnel Working Group, Finance and Governance Working Group and CASM (Climate Action for Swanton Morley). District Council liaison.

Contact - 07841 488860


Brenda O'Dowd - Vice-chairman & Councillor

Special Responsibilities: Member of Personnel Working Group and Finance and Governance working group. PPG liaison

Contact - 01362 637226


 John Phillip - Councillor 

Special Responsibilities: Volunteers - litter picking 

Contact - 01362 637820


Jose Rodrigues - Councillor

Special Responsibilities: representative on the Barrett's Charity Committee. Member of the Personnel Working Group and Finance and Governance Working Group.

Contact c/o 01362 637166


Mr Stephen Gauntlett - Councillor

Special Responsibilities:

Contact - 01362 637703

D Turner.jpg

David Turner - Councillor

Special Responsibilities: Allotments, Community Speed Watch scheme.

Contact - 07719 177527


Alison Walker-Fraser - Councillor

Special Responsibilities: Footpaths, Burial Ground & Churchyard. Member of Personnel Working Group. PPG liaison.

Contact - 07713 122074


Mr Jim Venworth

Special Responsibilities: Common Lands, Open Spaces, Streetlights

Contact - 01362 637963



Special Responsibilities: TBA

Are you interested in filling our vacancy?

FInd out more by contacting the Parish Clerk.

We would love to hear from you !

To ensure full transparency of decisions, councillors have all declared what items they could be discussing in which they have a pecuniary (financial) interest.  The register of interests for each councillor,  is held by Breckland District Council.  Swanton Morley Parish Council has also adopted its own code of conduct, by which councillors must abide.


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