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About Your Parish Council

Swanton Morley Parish Council is a local council for the village and surrounding parish area.

The Parish Council is the most local level of government for an area and plays a vital role in supporting and enhancing their community’s identity, services and quality of life. They can do this because they are based locally, operating within their local community. This means they are best placed to understand the issues within their areas and can provide a more focused and tailored response as a result. They can make a difference by:

  • Attracting new funding for the area (for example for activities/play equipment/sports)

  • Enabling more local decision-making and control over local assets

  • Ensuring there is greater local representation

  • Having greater influence over future development in the area


As well as being able to deliver a range of key local services, parish councils are also able to support events and initiatives which promote community spirit and inclusiveness; invest in the town’s public spaces; recognise volunteers; and regularly ask the question “what else can we do for the local area?”

There are 9 Councillors on the Council. Councillors are the first point of contact for anybody in the village with a community issue and they attend the monthly Parish Council meetings to discuss council business and to hear from members of the public.

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