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Annual Parish Meeting

Not to be confused with the annual meeting of the Parish Council, this is a separate meeting held once a year and is open to all electors of our Parish, who have the right not only to attend but also to speak on any matter of local interest. This is in contrast to a Council meeting, where electors who are not Councillors have no automatic right to speak. It is an opportunity to share news and to hear reports from local organisations about the previous 12 months.


This meeting has its own minutes, which are kept separately from the Council minutes, and these minutes can only be approved by the next Annual Parish Meeting which will, of course, not be held until the following year. 

The Annual Parish Meeting must be held each year between March 1st and June 1st . Because this is a meeting of a body separate from the Parish Council (see above) the date is not affected by the Parish Council election cycle.

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front cover of chairman's report
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