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Report a Problem

Not sure who to contact? This page is designed to offer guidance and save time as different authorities are responsible for different parts of our community.  If you are still not sure or require assistance in making a report please do not hesitate to contact the Parish Clerk for advice.

Roads including Potholes

Norfolk County Council look after 6000 miles of highway in Norfolk. To report a defect such as a pothole, flooding or fallen tree, use their online reporting system

Recycling and Waste Collection

Breckland Council look after our recycling centres and home collections and deal with fly tipping.  They also empty litter and dog waste bins.

Police Matters

If a crime is in progress, call 999 immediately, for non urgent matters including the report of  antisocial behaviour, animal welfare or loss of property, contact with the police can be made by calling 101 or via their website.


For lost and found as well as advice on responsible ownership and who to contact about an attack or nuisance concerning dogs, Breckland Animal Warden Services can help.

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