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Common Lands


Mill Common (CL163)


Mill Common is situated north of Waterfall House and consists of 3.758 hectares of land. It was first registered as Common Land in 1965 and remains under the protection of the Parish Council. In 1992 the upper and middle reaches of the River Wensum were declared Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and Mill Common was incorporated  as an 'unimproved meadow'.


The Parish Council was granted Higher Level Stewardship on this land, making funding available from the Government to help with its management. Using this funding, fencing has been installed to keep grazing cattle in the area for part of the year. The movement of the hooves encourages native orchids to grow.


Burgh Common (CL164)


Burgh Common is an area of land of 0.899 hectares between Worthing Road and the River Wensum.  Like Mill Common, it is registered as common land and is under the protection of the Parish Council. Burgh Common is one of the few places where fishing is possible on land that is not in private hands.

As a result there is an ongoing project by the Environment Agency, supported by the Parish Council, to improve access for people wishing to fish there. Glides and riffles have been installed in the river and boardwalks  have been fitted along the river bank to assist less able people to access this peaceful part of the river, not only to fish but to enjoy the surroundings and other nature that can be found there.  The Parish Council have also installed a picnic bench.

Little Common (CL165)

Little Common is situated between Mill Street and the River Wensum and consists of 0.125 hectares of land.


It was registered as Common Land in 1968 and confirmed in 1975 that, as no person was the registered owner, it would come under the protection of the Parish Council. This wooded area is also part of the River Wensum SSSI.

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