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Paths and Byways in Swanton Morley

Swanton Morley is located in the heart of the Norfolk countryside and as such offers plenty of opportunities to walk, cycle and ride on quiet country lanes and across a good network of paths.  The 12 mile Wensum Way passes through the village which itself  connects to longer distance routes, the Nar Valley Way at Gressenhall and the Marriott's Way at Lenwade.  In addition to the public footpaths, bridleways and byways there are also a number of permissive paths where agreement has been made with local landowners to allow public access.

  • Please use the paths considerately

  • If you have a dog please keep it under control and clear up any mess

  • Please also follow the countryside code

*Harkers lane/Green lane is a restricted byway and can be used by walkers, cyclists and horse riders*














Map of walks in Swanton Morley

Map of Walks in Swanton Morley


Map of Walk 1

Walk 1

Worthing Road

A short walk  of 0.66 km on a permissive path by the woods near Robertson Barracks

Map of Walk 4

Walk 4

Rectory Road to Primrose Hill

A new walk of 0.3 km along a permissive  path from  Rectory road around the back of Primrose Square to join the public footpath on Primrose Hill

Map of Walk 7

Walk 7

Wensum Way

A longer walk of 4.2 km along a permissive path running from All Saints Church past Castle farm and ending at Pennyspot Plantation on the Elsing road.

Please be aware that there may be Cattle roaming on this walk and dogs should be kept on leads

Map of Walk 10

Walk 10

Lincoln House

A walk of 1.2 Km along a permissive path around the field behind Lincoln House

Map of Walk 2

Walk 2

Wensum Valley Views

A walk of 1.7 km on a permissive path with lovely views across the Wensum valley

Map of Walk 5

Walk 5

Green Lane and Harkers Lane

A walk of 1.7 km along the restricted byways of Green Lane and Harkers Lane 

Map of Walk 8

Walk 8

Pye's Lane to Woodgate

A walk of 0.9 Km along a public footpath running from Pye’s Lane To Woodgate

Map of Walk 3

Walk 3

Primrose Hill

A walk of 1 km along the public footpath on Primrose Hill

Map of Walk 6

Walk 6

Hoe Road East to Harkers Lane

A short walk of 0.2 km along a permissive path linking Hoe Road East and Harkers Lane

Map of Walk 9

Walk 9

Woodgate Lane to Walk 8

A walk of 0.4 Km along a public footpath running from Woodgate Lane and joining Walk  8

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