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Roll up, roll could win £25,000!

This month we relaunch Our Breckland Lottery page. The Lottery is run by Breckland Council, set up to support community projects in the local area. It operates on the principle of raising money within the community for the community by empowering local good causes to raise money in a fun and effective way. As they say: "In a time of shrinking budgets and increased community need, Our Breckland Lottery enables people to support the causes they care most about, helping good causes to connect with their supporters".

A ticket for Our Breckland Lottery costs £1 a week, of which 60p goes directly to good causes - 50p of that, directly to Swanton Morley Village Hall, if you choose to support our cause. Any funds raised are paid to the village hall on a monthly basis and invested directly to enhance and improve it.

Although we are currently in an unprecedented situation where keeping afloat is the main priority, in the future, these funds could be used to help to improve facilities - imagine cinema evenings for example, which could be achieved with the investment in the right equipment, or improved cloakrooms, better storage, a covered outdoor area....the ideas are endless with funding behind us.

The added bonus with supporting our cause of course is the chance for you to win anything up to £25,000 on a weekly basis. You can play alone and buy multiple tickets for each draw or join together with friends or colleagues and play as a syndicate. All of the details can be found on the Our Breckland Lottery website.

Give it a go....Good Luck!

Lottery launch poster for Swanton Morley Village Hall
Our Breckland Lottery Launch Poster

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