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January round up....

The most recent monthly meeting of the Parish Council was held on 12th January and parish councillors were joined by County Councillor Bill Borrett. Councillor Borrett reported that the Coronavirus vaccine is rolling out well across the county with less than 1% of people offered the vaccine, refusing it. He also took the opportunity to stress how important it still is for people to follow Government guidance to minimise the risk of transmission, something that we would echo. Whilst a third lockdown is hard for all of us, if you can stay home, please do. In our own little corner of the county, the Elmham Group of practices are progressing well with their programme of vaccinations. Retired doctors have returned to lend a helping hand and as well as the surgery based appointments, good progress is being made throughout local care facilities.

Flooding has obviously been a very contentious issue in the village this winter with the usual hot spots being affected. After weeks under water, the flooding on Dereham Road bends was finally drained and the maintenance work required there prioritised by Norfolk County Council Highways department. Woodgate continues to suffer whenever there is a deluge and was badly affected over the Christmas period. A number of issues seem to contribute to the problems there which are being investigated by the Parish Council and having our County Councillor on hand presented the opportunity to request his support in finding a resolution for the residents of Woodgate.

Work has begun on the second phase of Hopkins Homes development along Rectory Road/Hoe Road East. It didn't get off to the best start with a number of complaints being received about contractors parking dangerously on paths and verges, however, after relaying concerns to the company, the Parish Council has now received an assurance that this shouldn't happen again as the parking area within the site for contractors is now complete.

Life at the village hall is still pretty quiet with only the nursery, Little Swans, allowed to be there. With no definite end in sight to the current lockdown and no clear picture yet of what will follow, we are unable to plan for a reopening, however, we continue to monitor the situation and guidance issued by the Government daily and will be back (COVID safely) as soon as we can.

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