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We would like to warmly welcome the newest member of our team, Councillor Marc Lappin who was co-opted at our July meeting and enjoyed(?!) his first full meeting as a Councillor this month. We are sure that Marc's enthusiasm and skills will compliment the existing team of Councillors and we very much look forward to working with him to keep Swanton Morley a good place to live with a positive outlook for the future. Marc's appointment brings the Parish Council to its maximum membership of 9 Councillors.

Marc got stuck in straight away when he joined a group of Councillors and the Clerk at Burgh common to tidy it up and cut back undergrowth to make the boardwalks fully accessible again. Thank you to all who gave their time and energy that August evening.

Councillors and Clerk tidying Burgh Common
Tidying Burgh Common

The Community Speedwatch team caught 31 drivers significantly exceeding the speed limit in their first two sessions this month although in one hour long session on Town Street, not one car was found to be travelling in excess of 30mph, which is obviously a good thing and perhaps the presence of the team in their Hi-Viz jackets was enough to slow drivers down. The team are working with a very small pool of volunteers at the moment and for the scheme to be able to continue and to flourish, we really could do with some more bodies. If you are able to help, then please do get in touch.

The perennial problems of grass cutting (not being done) and potholes are being vigorously pursued by the Council. Most recently, the Highways Engineer was taken on a tour of the village to point out in person all of the defects, in support of the reports already made. With regards to verges becoming dangerous, particularly around junctions and the bends, the Parish Council are making enquiries with Norfolk County Council about the possibility of being funded to take over this responsibility ourselves and whilst that is too late for this summer we are hopeful that with the Parish Council in charge of what gets cut and when, we can find a good balance of re-wilding and road safety going forward.

The re-opening of the village hall has meant that we can finally welcome the pop-up community cafe run by Natterjack Catering who are based in the village. If you haven't already, come along on a Tuesday, 9am - 3pm to enjoy coffee and cake, lunch or even afternoon tea. Reviews are very positive and we hope that local support will enable this endeavor to continue long into the future.

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