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Wheelie Bin Sticker
Wheelie Bin Sticker

Great news for our speeding campaign in the village - Councillors resolved, at the last Parish Council meeting - held on Wednesday, 5th May, to purchase a set of bespoke wheelie bin stickers to help with speed awareness along the main thoroughfares. These will, in the first place, be distributed to houses who place their bins for collection on a main road. A number of spare stickers will be held at the hall for replacement and for those who wish to support the campaign, even if they do not live on one of the thoroughfares, by helping to create a reminder to everyone passing - whether on foot, in a car or on a bike. They have been proven to be effective in other villages and whilst we are under no illusion that they alone will solve the problem, we hope that they can play a part in helping to increase awareness and ultimately reduce speed. It may only be once a week, but when faced with multiple 30 mph signs, some drivers will surely (hopefully) take note! It is also an opportunity to demonstrate that people care about the safety in their village. So, if you find a large envelope on your door mat, please do attach the stickers to your bins (one for each of the black and green bins) and help to be a part of the solution - Thank you.

The Parish Clerk was also able to report that Parish Partnership funding has now been confirmed for an additional vehicle activated speed awareness sign in the village. These electronic signs are triggered by any vehicle exceeding the speed limit and flash a warning to the driver. They also record data of the speeds of vehicles passing the sign which is then processed by the Parish Council office and sent to Norfolk County Council Highways Department, the Police and other authorities when needing to demonstrate the issue the village faces with speeding vehicles.

You may have noticed damage to the bridge at the waterfall which was caused by contractors removing a fallen tree. The damage is being assessed by structural engineers in readiness for repair and whilst it does not affect use of the bridge by vehicles, pedestrians are advised to avoid the area until the repair is complete. There will need to be a road closure in place whilst the work is carried out and we will aim to give as much notice of this as we can.

Owl Box
Owl Box

We have a fabulous new owl box at the churchyard thanks to villager, Alisdair Monteith to whom we are extremely grateful. The Parish Council have made a donation of £50 to Alisdair's chosen charity - the Suffolk Owl Sanctuary as a small token of thanks.

In other news, the last meeting of the Parish Council happened to be the annual meeting at which our Chairman - Roger Atterwill and Vice Chairperson - Brenda O'Dowd were duly re-elected and all Councillors thanked them for agreeing to continue in their roles. All special responsibilities were delegated to Councillors at the meeting and can be found on the Councillors page of this website.

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