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Coronavirus Emergency

COVID - 19

Swanton Morley Parish Council have created this page dedicated to the current Coronavirus Emergency to provide helpful information for the community

If you are self-isolating and require help with shopping, picking up a prescription from the Swanton Morley pharmacy, walking your dog or would just like someone to talk to, please contact Brenda O'Dowd on 07720 771641.  She is coordinating a number of volunteers in the village and can put you in touch with someone who is willing and able to help. 

Please also get in touch with the Parish Clerk if you would like to join the team of volunteers now or in the future when we hope that the scheme might develop beyond the Coronavirus pandemic. Have a look at our poster for more information.

Everyone has a responsibility to look out for their neighbours and friends and offer assistance to them in these difficult and testing times, and whilst most people are offering to support others with honesty and integrity there are, unfortunately, a small minority that will want to take advantage of someone else's misfortune.  

Those in isolation:

  • Where possible deal with a recognised body

  • Make sure you only give money to people you know and trust

  • Avoid inviting people into your home unnecessarily

  • Do not hand over personal information such as bank details

  • Do not put yourself in a vulnerable position

  • Look after yourself first

  • If you have concerns about someone’s intentions, it is your home and you do not have to agree to anything a visitor may ask

  • Coronavirus scam. There have already been reports from across the country of doorstep rogues claiming to be from the NHS providing a Covid-19 vaccine. Other scams may emerge over the coming weeks, report any cold callers to Trading Standards via 0808 223 1133

Those who wish to support people who are self-isolating:

  • Maintain good hygiene, such as regularly washing your hands

  • Leave items outside the person’s home for them to collect, rather than delivering in person

  • Provide support over the phone and make use of social media

Stay Safe



Swanton Morley Village Stores: 01362 637400 

Swanton Morley Butchers and Delicatessen: 01362 637403 

Swanton Morley Surgery & Pharmacy: 01362 638100



Gooseberry Hill Playing Field: OPEN

Village Green: OPEN 

Telephone box library: OPEN 

Common lands: OPEN

Swanton Morley Village Hall: OPEN

Swanton Morley Village Hall, Teenage Area: OPEN

Swanton Morley Village Hall, Outdoor Gym: OPEN

Burial Ground: OPEN

Allotments: OPEN 

Links to other useful information

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